Product Questions

How do I use NOE Xtreme Hydrate as a skin moisturiser?

You apply a small dab of NOE Xtreme Hydrate on the area of dry skin that you want to hydrate and rub it in for a deep penetration. Your epidermis will instantaneously feel hydrated and silky soft.

Is NOE Xtreme Hydrate good for dry skin or relieving skin conditions?

NOE Xtreme Hydrate is the best moisturiser for dry skin. The smooth balm easily penetrates the skin deeply nourishing it. The beeswax and natural oils help your skin to retain the moisture. The non-comedogenic properties of the oils and our proprietary aeration process ensure your pores remain clear so your skin can breathe. Skin with extreme dryness, eczema, psoriasis chafing, rash will love NOE Xtreme Hydrate and give them immediate relief. NOE Xtreme Hydrate is not a drug and you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to use it. We do not claim that NOE Xtreme Hydrate is an eczema cure, it is relieving the irritation of the skin and reduces inflammation of the skin.

Why is NOE Xtreme Hydrate a good eczema cream?

Atopic Dermatitis manifests redness and itchiness on the skin of individuals who tends to have allergies. The Australian society of clinical immunology and allergy is a good source of information to understand what causes eczema and how it can be managed.

When used in lotions and creams, beeswax creates a barrier that helps to seal moisture into the skin protecting it from environmental toxins and irritants. Sunflower oil is rich in oleic acid, vitamin E and high in essential fatty acids which are essentials for moisturising, regenerating and conditioning the skin. Papaw (papaya) oil has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to help all skin conditions and give lasting relief from irritation, rashes, scratches, minor burns or other skin issues. The beta-carotene in pawpaw assists in the regeneration of new healthy cells to replace the damaged old ones.

Can I use NOE Xtreme Hydrate if I have acne?

NOE Xtreme Hydrate’s ingredients are non-comedogenic, which means they don’t clog pores. As referred by the Australian government supported website all about acne, using non-comedogenic skincare products is the first step to reduce flare-up. Our proprprietary aeration process goes one step further to allowing your skin to breathe. Apply a small amount and massage your skin to insure penetration in the skin. NOE Xtreme Hydrate will not replace medical treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Can I apply NOE Xtreme Hydrate on my cat’s skin or my dog?

NOE Xtreme Hydrate is primarily used for humans and hasn’t been specifically designed for pets’ skin. However, the ingredients are pet safe so applying NOE Xtreme Hydrate on your pet has proven beneficial and won’t harm them. 

What happens if my kids or my pets eat or ingest some NOE Xtreme Hydrate?

NOE Xtreme Hydrate is made from all organic food-grade ingredients. While there shouldn’t be any immediate concerns, NOE products are cosmetics and should not be ingested or used internally. We do not suggest consuming NOE products for nutritional value. If a person, a kid or pet accidentally Ingests NOE products please contact the appropriate health professionals, physician or veterinarian, and be prepared to provide them with the ingredient details.

Is NOE Xtreme Hydrate Gluten-free?

NOE Xtreme Hydrate is made from 100% gluten-free ingredients. NOE Xtreme Hydrate is made in a Gluten-Free facility. However, NOE Xtreme Hydrate is not certified gluten-free.  


Why do my NOE Xtreme Hydrate products vary in color and smell compared to my last purchase?

For the health of our customers and the environment, NOE Xtreme Hydrate is made using natural and organic ingredients which can vary considerably in color and smell. We go out of our way to find the highest quality ingredients available.

Where is the expiration / Best By date located?

The best by date is stamped on the bottom of the jars using the month and year (mo/yr). The best by date is 2 years from the manufacture date. It is important to note that the best by date is also 12 months after opening the jar. 

How should I store NOE Xtreme Hydrate?

Room temperature out of the sunlight is best and avoid extreme hot or cold temperatures. You can store NOE Xtreme Hydrate products like you would most skincare products. The aerated properties keep your balm smooth.

If I put my NOE Xtreme Hydrate jar in the fridge, is this ok?

It is safe to put Xtreme Hydrate in the fridge. It will be softer and more flowable at room temperature so you may want to wait for it to warm up before using. Do not heat it with an external heating source like a stove, oven or microwave.

Can I use NOE Xtreme Hydrate to protect my skin before getting into the water?

NOE Xtreme Hydrate is great to use as a barrier before going in the pool, ocean, lake, etc. Use NOE Xtreme Hydrate for swimming or surfing, it lasts for hours and protects your skin from the chlorine and saltwater. There are no irritants, no petroleum, or chemicals so it won't harm reefs! Note that NOE Xtreme Hydrate does not contain any UV protection. Therefore it can’t replace your sunscreen

What is the effect of NOE Xtreme Hydrate on the environment?

NOE Xtreme Hydrate is made with certified organic ingredients and is biodegradable. They won’t harm the environment and don’t contain any plastic. The packaging is made from recyclable material so you can reuse the glass jar or dispose it in the appropriate bin.