The Three Key Aspects To Skin Hydration

The Three Key Aspects To Skin Hydration

With so many options for skin moisturising products, how do you chose? There are lotions, balms, salves, ointments, serums, and more to chose from. Does it matter if I have oily skin or dry skin? Will the product give long lasting protection? There are so many questions so let’s simplify this.

Aspect 1 - Creating a waterproof barrier: This is the number one thing that a dermatologist will recommend for extreme dry skin. This points towards balms, salves and ointments. Many of these products, especially ointments, contain petroleum-derived ingredients. Even balms and salves that are beeswax based can have petrochemical additives. Petroleum Jelly, the product most recommended by dermatologists, is just crude oil that is “purified” using questionable processes. Yes, it creates a waterproof barrier but at what cost? Its low price tag is really just a result of it being an industrial bi-product, so I recommend a natural wax based option instead.

Aspect 2 – Breathability – This is the tricky one, how do you create a waterproof barrier that is also breathable. People looking for a breathable moisturizer typically turn to lotions and serums. There are additives like soy lecithin that can add breathability and help reduce pore clogging. The term non comedogenic refers to products that don’t clog pores. It is important to avoid products that use petrochemicals to create breathability because the negative effects of lab derived ingredients may outweigh the benefits.

Aspect 3 – Natural Oils – Ultimately this is what your skin needs to be healthy. Most areas of your skin have glands that produce oils naturally to feed your skin cells. The free fatty acids and isoflavones in most vegetable and nut oils will also feed your skin. There are different vitamins and nutrients in natural oils that will also nourish your skin cells. This is where serums are so effective because they are typically natural oils infused with specific additives proven to benefit the skin in some way.

I wish this answered all of the questions with a simple blanket solution. However, every person and situation will call on a different need and therefore a different product.

NOETMXtreme Hydrate is the only product I know of that combines all three aspects of skin moisturising in one formula. The proprietary aeration process allows it to create and breathable waterproof barrier and has natural oils to soak in. This makes it a great general solution for most dry skin issues, particularly extreme dry skin like eczema, ashy, flaky, cracked, and peeling skin.

More specific skin needs and various maintenance desires can call on serums, balms, masks and other options. I will discuss these in future blogs about those individual issues.

My advice is typically to avoid water based products like lotions, particularly for moisturising. Keeping the body hydrated by drinking water is great for the skin. However, putting water on the skin is a temporary solution that will eventually dry the skin out more. If you spend a lot of time outdoors then definitely avoid water-based lotions because it allows the wind to pull the moisture straight out of your body.